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White M40 dockets


How to process a white docket

Multi Purpose Taxi Program (MPTP) assists with the travel needs of people with severe and permanent disabilities by offering subsidised taxi fares to members. The MPTP subsidy pays for 50% of your fare up to a maximum of $60 per trip. 

If the Cabcharge terminal in the vehicle cannot process the passenger's MPTP card, then drivers can use an emergency white docket to receive the subsidy for the trip. Drivers must keep the receipts for the trip. 

Cabcharge will assist in organising payment for emergency MPTP vouchers if the driver can provide a depot number from CPVV.

Processing other dockets

For docket payment, please send original dockets to:


Attn: Offloads 

PO Box Locked Bag 8000

Strawberry Hills NSW 2012

Don't forget to include with your dockets:

  • an invoice with your Name or Company name

  • depot number from CPVV

  • your Client ID (if you are a Cabcharge merchant) 


days to lodge your dockets to Cabcharge from the date of the trip

Avoid payment delays or unfortunate chargebacks by following our docket guidelines. Docket factoring is not permitted – click here to learn more.


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