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Green emergency dockets

green docket.png

Cabcharge Emergency Dockets should only be used if your Cabcharge FAREWAYplus terminal is unable to process an EFTPOS transaction.


This method of payment carries a higher risk for error which will impact on the certainty of your transaction.

Dockets should be lodged according to the close-off schedule provided by Cabcharge to ensure payments are processed in a timely manner. 


Ensure the manual imprinter lid is fully closed, then insert the card and the Emergency Docket.


Slide the lid to the right fully to imprint the card details.


Remove the card and verify the signature on the back of the card before handing it back to the passenger.


Remove the docket and ensure all trip details are complete and signed.


Give the passenger the yellow copy as their receipt. 

For docket payment, please send original dockets to:


Attn: Offloads 

PO Box Locked Bag 8000

Strawberry Hills NSW 2012

Don't forget to include with your dockets:

  • an invoice with your Name or Company name

  • your Client ID



days to lodge your dockets to Cabcharge from the date of the trip

Avoid payment delays or unfortunate chargebacks by following our docket guidelines. Docket factoring is not permitted – click here to learn more.

Processing other dockets


Cabcharge is enforcing rigorous guidelines for Green emergency dockets.

Docket guidelines:

  • Only use in case of an emergency

  • Only vehicles equipped with a Cabcharge FAREWAYplus terminal can process green emergency dockets

  • Lodge dockets on time (within 28 days)

  • Fill dockets correctly

Docket factoring is not permitted – click here to learn more.

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