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Keeping NSW Safe & Work in Taxis

You may have seen in the news a few weeks ago that Cabcharge gave away $200,000 worth of taxi vouchers to help get frontline workers and those in need get to their vaccination appointment.

Cabcharge ran a campaign in NSW to help the state get back to business as usual, ensure those in need have a safe means of travel to get to their appointment, as well as helping the taxi industry which has been hit hard by the recent state lockdown.

Positive Community Response

We have received overwhelming responses through social media and email about this initiative:

"I’m just writing to congratulate you on your fantastic initiative offering free cab rides to vaccination appointments. Absolute genius!"

Sent via email

"Amazing to see this initiative by the team at Cabcharge Payments, truly leading the way in which they are supporting NSW!"

Comment on LinkedIn

"What a great community spirit!"

Shared via Twitter

“I just wanted to say thank you for providing the Cabcharge vouchers to take us to vaccination centres. I don't drive and the centre I was booked at was a bit out of the way (no train station), and I usually feel woozy after getting an injection. It also helped out the taxi driver get some business during these hard times :) and they took me home after my appointment. Thanks again!!”

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There are many reasons to join Cabcharge. If you are a Network or an Operator and want to be part of the Cabcharge family, contact us today to become a merchant here.


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