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The Cabcharge FASTCARD is a personalised account card product used by Cabcharge account holders designed for regular travellers.

FASTCARDs are built with contactless technology as identified by the ‘Tap and Go’ insignia on the top right corner of the card. This means for fares under $100, passengers can simply hover their FASTCARD over the Cabcharge terminal and the transaction will be processed instantaneously, no signature required.


Passenger to present Cabcharge FASTCARD at the end of the trip.


The passenger can choose to:

  1. Tap their card against the contactless symbol on the Cabcharge EFTPOS terminal, then wait for a beep for confirmation, or

  2. Insert the card into the Cabcharge EFTPOS terminal


Follow prompts on the terminal screen to complete the transaction. The terminal will indicate if a signature is required.


The terminal will indicate once the payment is approved. Please provide the passenger with their copy of the receipt if requested.

6. Cabcharge Payment FastCard eticket Gift card
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