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A Cabcharge Digital Pass is like an eTICKET but uses Apple or Android technology.

The Digital Pass ONLY works on the in-taxi Cabcharge PIN pad. It will not work on other handheld PIN pads, even if they usually accept Cabcharge payments.

The Digital Pass cannot be processed beyond midnight on the Expiration Date. There may also be a ‘Limit per Trip’ on the Pass. If the actual Fare exceeds the Limit, the passenger will need to pay any balance with cash, credit card etc. Your Cabcharge PIN pad will perform the validation
for you.

The Digital Pass uses built-in software and hardware security features which cannot be supported using manual processing. Therefore, Digital Passes can only be processed electronically.


Passenger to present Cabcharge Digital Pass at the end of the trip.


Choose Cabcharge on your PIN pad.


Your passenger simply holds their Phone against the contactless symbol and waits for the beep.


The terminal will indicate once the payment is approved. Please provide the passenger with their copy of the receipt if requested.

14. Digital Pass I Driver's Guide
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Processing other Cabcharge passenger solutions

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