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Cabcharge FAREWAYplus changes to support TSS transactions with Subsidy Caps

The FAREWAYplus has a software update to accompany future changes to the Taxi Subsidy Program.

The Tasmanian Government is planning to introduce a capped limit on Taxi Smartcards held by NDIS participants. This is part of the move to help NDIS participants to adjust to the transport supports in their NDIS plans rather than have a hard end to taxi subsidies.

It is too early to introduce the cap on Taxi Smartcards. The caps will apply at a later date, but your FAREWAYplus equipment will receive the necessary software updates to accommodate the subsidy caps in advance.

Cabcharge has completed their work to introduce the cap, so will begin to roll out changes to receipts generated by the FAREWAYplus eftpos machine. There will not be a number next to “CAP” as the capped limit on Taxi Smartcards has not started. The Department of State Growth will let operators know when the cap is about to begin.

The word “USED” will also appear on the receipt. Next to the word “USED” it will show the amount of taxi fare subsidy the holder of the Taxi Smartcard has used on all their taxi trips this year.

The changes to the taxi fare receipt are indicated in the red box:


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