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When using FAREWAYplus meter app, you can access the new Trip Data Report for only:




What is FAREWAYplus Trip Data Report?

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When FAREWAYplus is installed in your taxi*

If you need trip data, Cabcharge has the solution for you. Cabcharge has developed a new and powerful report to help your business make the most out of Cabcharge's technology. 

The FAREWAYplus Trip Data Report provides a range of trip data information such as GPS coordinates, fares, distances and more and complies with CPVV Service Data Specification (V3 2020).

Your reports are easily accessible via Taxi Fleet Data for all taxis in your fleet equipped with FAREWAYplus meter app.

Reports are generated weekly and monthly for maximum convenience.

To help you during the COVID-19 difficult time, receive your first month free of charge.

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Using FAREWAYplus meter app in your taxi?

You can now access FAREWAYplus Trip Data Report, activate the service today!

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