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A new solution that will continue to support the taxi industry and provide an innovative platform for networks, operators and drivers across Australia.


Choose the optimal meter positioning in your taxis to best align with your individual requirements.


Choose to display your network’s logo and colours throughout the software alongside Cabcharge & MTI.

Two devices

Just two devices are required to power your fleet. A modern Android tablet and EFTPOS terminal.


The 3G network shutdown is causing technology within the taxi industry to change. In-car solutions, such as dispatch, meter, and payment systems will be affected.   

Taxi networks and operators need to upgrade all existing in-vehicle 3G payment and meter devices to ensure uninterrupted business operation.

Cabcharge and MTI are taking this as an opportunity to help you future-proof your business and take it to the next level.


A new payment terminal

Cabcharge’s new EFTPOS terminal is designed with a user-centric approach that will delight your drivers and will ensure a seamless and intuitive experience. It also supports all payment types your passengers are familiar with and love.

terminal retouched 1.jpg
7439_A2B_NEWCASTLE (1) 1.jpg

Consolidated dispatch and meter

You will receive a state-of-the-art MTI soft meter offering a wireless, effortless connection to the new Cabcharge terminal, ensuring smooth and efficient operations without the need for calibration.

You have the freedom to choose the optimal positioning of the soft meter in your taxis, ensuring it aligns with your specific needs and preferences.

tab centre v2 1.jpg

Option one

You have the option to retain the MTI soft meter on the tablet and install the tablet on the center console. 

A decluttered look and feel reducing the need for additional equipment in the vehicle. Some networks have opted for this configuration.

t1 config 1.jpg

Option two

Keep the tablet on the right and replace your meter with the soft meter on a dedicated 'shadow' screen. 

A well know taxi configuration replacing your current in-car technology.

Frame 109.jpg


For networks and operators

Future-proof your business

Sleek and modern payment terminal that seamlessly connects to the MTI dispatch tablet and soft meter

Easier and lower-cost equipment installation

No more meter calibration

Different meter positioning available to adapt to the need of your operators

Revenue share opportunities on bank-issued cards and Cabcharge electronic transactions

Daily transaction reporting for your settlement

Enhanced end-of-shift driver and operator email reporting for better insights and time-saving

Taxi network soft meter tariff management allows flexible and innovative fare pricing

For drivers

Easy to use single sign-on for dispatch, meter, and payment terminal. ABN is removed from the login process

Cabcharge terminal automatically recognises the type of card for fast and intuitive payment processing

Faster transaction processing times

Improved passenger satisfaction through transparent

  • Fixed price from BSP

  • Set price fares with meter

  • Set price fares off meter excluding Cabcharge cards and TSS/MPTP

All applicable extras, tolls, and levies are added automatically

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